Session type: Standard (45 min)
Session level: Basic
Session language: Both (Organisers will tell you the language depends of the others sessions)
It all started with a Twitter poll to find an interesting session idea to propose for DrupalCamp. With 46 people who participated, it became very clear that there is a real interest in how we work in Gizra.

If you don't know anything about Gizra, I could tell you a lot of facts about the company. But we can summarize it with a single mentality that represents the essence of Gizra: question everything. There are always better ways to do things. Failing once is acceptable, but learn from it. Try new things. This is a journey that never ends and it is continually updated in a book called The Gizra Way that you can read online at

But this is not what I will talk about. In this session, I want to delve into what is behind the scenes and how it is being in the trenches of a company that tries to always transform itself. How the day to day looks like for the different roles of the people working at Gizra.
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I write code and plug cables