Session type: Standard (45 min)
Session level: Intermediate
Session language: Both (Organisers will tell you the language depends of the others sessions)
The front-end moves faster than Drupal, whether Drupal likes it or not" This reference from "The state of the Front-end" session at DrupalCon Amsterdam explains that we need different ways to retrieve content from a Drupal site for an easy integration with new front-end frameworks and other 3rd-party applications. This allows non-experienced front-end developers to start theming Drupal using the tools they are used to, providing at the same time multiple integrations with other platforms through APIs. Currently there is a debate about how to achieve this and what direction Drupal will take in the future. In this workshop there will be explained different approaches to solve common problems and what possible solutions are provided by Drupal and its contributed modules. There is a lot work remaining to have a complete JSON-API which provides a standard REST API and also the integration with GraphQL is in progress. You can join this discussion, share your thoughts and experiences with others, and help Drupal to go on the right track
Author bio
Started contributing to Drupal 8 core a few years ago and since then developed front-end and back-end super powers that helped him to achieve major goals.

He has collaborated in relevant projects with companies like Telefonica and Unicef in Spain, Ericsson and Tieto in Sweden. Currently, he spends a lot of time in Conil (Spain) working for 1x Internet (; running Youpal (, his Digital Agency; contributing to the Community; mentoring other DrupalHeroes and speaking about Drupal around Europe. You probably have met him already, if not you should. Follow his project @Drupal_Heroes to stay tuned and find out the latest info about Drupal.