Session type: Standard (45 min)
Session level: Intermediate
Session language: English
Quickly step through the important metrics in New Relic that help you see how an enterprise website is performing. Get an overview of the typical logs that you will find on a server and what they contain that is important. Review some other great tools that help you profile a site such as: Google Lighthouse and WebPagetest, GTmetrix, Pingdom, etc.

Part One
New Relic: See the Charts and tables that matter. See site traffic metrics, how to get database query insights, step through stack traces, and use the Error Analytics section, among others.

Part Two
Logs: Review the php-error.log, php-slow.log, nginx-error.log, mysqld-slow-query.log and Watchdog.

Part Three
Other Third-Party Tools: Look at what Google Lighthouse and WebPageSpeed offer and see other practical, helpful tools.

Benefit from some of the knowledge gained from Pantheon's Customer Success team that offers 24 Hour / 7 Days mission critical tech support to enterprise websites and provides in-depth analysis on site performance to major customers around the globe.

After this info-filled session, you'll be able to rapidly find the pain points in an entrporise website and have to insights to fix them.
Author bio
I am a veteran Drupal speaker and have previously presented at DrupalCon, GovCon, BADCamp and many other Drupal Camps. I connect well with and involve the audience. Attendees give kudos to my sessions. My Drupal 8 Kickstart presentations are also posted on YouTube with 1,000s of views.

See my profile: for my Drupal speaking experience.

I am currently a Customer Success Manager at Pantheon. I connect daily with enterprise customers and hear the security concerns of website stakeholders on a global basis and it gives me a wide perspective on what developers should know.

Previously I've been a hands-on Drupal developer. I've worked extensively with Acquia and other agencies working predominantly on tourism and government enterprise-level sites.