Session type: Standard (45 min)
Session level: Intermediate
Session language: Both (Organisers will tell you the language depends of the others sessions)
I have bad news for you… you can’t ensure success on your project... but I have good news for you too: you can ensure that all things are set up for success. On this session I’ll walk through my experience on small, big, bigger and enterprise projects, best practices, the tools I like to use, etc, from sprint 0 to production time.
Author bio
Alejandro is a Software Engineer/Architect who has worked in different roles, from pure development to leading small and medium teams, co-found up to 3 different companies with different partners in Technology, Content management, Marketing Online and Tourism, and be lucky enough to have worked and Lead some of the biggest Enterprise projects in Drupal like Royal Mail, Parcelforce, Eurostar or BBC

Before joining Acquia Alejandro was the Technical Architect at BBC, leading two teams responsible for the delivery and innovation of two of the biggest brands in the corporation, BBC GoodFood and BBC TopGear.He also worked with one of the biggest consultancies in the world, Capgemini, where he enjoyed the delivery and learning curve of complex tools and architectures of the enterprise world.

Born in sunny Alicante, Alejandro moved to London changing sun, good weather and exceptional food for interesting projects, incredible teams and amazing challenges. He still doesn’t regret that choice. He loves learning languages, everything boarding (skateboarding, snowboarding, kitesurf, …), cycling and spending time with his 11 months old daughter, his wife and his French Bulldog