Session type: Standard (45 min)
Session level: Basic
Session language: English
Hello, how are you?
Lovely weather, isn't it?

We used to do this kind of smalltalk on the street and in bus stations.
Nowadays people deep dive in their screens in order to maintain their social status and beliefs.

WeChat, Alexia, Watson Siri and other smart ChatOps have not made our world a more private place however the implications on society are more interesting then the technology.

Is it possible to steer social and community effects.

Chat apps will come to be thought of as the new browsers, bots will be the new websites. This is the beginning of a new internet.
This session is an exploration of what seems to be feasible for Drupal and its neighbouring technology.
It handles how to get from chatter to community.
From visitor to client.

On the edge between business and DevOPS.
Author bio
---BIO-- Public:
I am Floris van Geel, Drupal Entrepeneur since 2010.
Specialized in breaking down business models and optimizing them in the internet.
Besides Drupal my unprofessional hobbies are Scubadiving, Windurfing and Snowboarding

----Not public: speaker experience--
Speaker at (2013, 2014, 2017)
Speaker at (2015, 2016,2017)
Speaker at Drupalcon Dublin (2016)
Facilitator / core organiser at IronCamp (2016)
Speaker at (2016,2017)
Speaker at European Drupal Business Days (2017)
Speaker at DrupalCampNordics (2017)
Speaker at (2016, 2017)
Remote session at Drupalcamp Nigeria (2017)
Proud member of Toastmasters International (CC, CL, ALS)